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Sightrunning city tour through Freiburg

Experience Freiburg while jogging

Sightrunning is an innovative, extraordinary and pleasurable way of combining a sportive activity with tourism.
Freiburg with it's almost 900 years of history and its richness of old and new, will become a training area of a diversified jogging tour.

Your Sightrunning guide in Freiburg is a well-known trainer for marathon and a certified city tour guide.
He will introduce you to Freiburg in your own language and personal speed.

Experience unique impressions which you won't get on a usual city tour.

Your personal trainer will pick you up directly at your hotel or where ever you wish to start from.

Tour 1: Old Town, ca. 30 min. - a short portrait in zigzag
In slow pace through the old town of Freiburg.

Tour 2: Old Town and Schlossberg (hill in Freiburg), ca. 1 hour - Welcome to Freiburg
The cathedral, city gates, small road side streams (Baechle), narrow lanes und without any efforts up the hill to the 'Kanonenplatz' with a beautiful view over the old town and the West (Kaiserstuhl) up to France.

Tour 3: Old Town and Watercastle, ca 1 hour - Enjoy Freiburg
The track will lead you through the old village 'Wiehre', along impressive art nouveau houses and up to the water castle.

Tour 4: Park around the lake, ca 1 hour - exclusive comfort city
Leisure is very important for everybody living in Freiburg. The city centre offers a green recreation area and gives Freiburg a Mediterranean touch.

Tour 5: Monte Scherbelino, ca 1 hour - Nature special
Along the small Freiburg airport we climb the hill 'Monte Scherbelino' with a gigantic view over Freiburg and the Black Forest.

Tour 6: Green City, ca 1 hour - Active solar
In the footsteps of the solar city you will discover the innovative Freiburg.
Car free zones, solar garages, passive houses, the heliotrope…

Tour 7: Dreisam River Tour, ca 1 hour - In a constant state of flux
First we run along the small road side streams (Baechle), then along the canal of traders and finally along the unhurried floating river 'Dreisam'. The running area of Freiburg!

Tour 8: Forest ‚Sternwald' Tour, ca 1 hour - Forest and joggers
The panoramic path between Littenweiler and Günterstal is an eldorado for joggers with high standards in nature.

Date and Time: Upon individual request


1 person 1 hour/60,- € 30 Min./45,-€
2 persons 1 hour/ 35,- € 30 Min./25,-€
3 persons 1 hour/ 25,-€ 30 Min./15,-€
Each additional person 1 hour/20,-€ 30 Min./15,-€

Phone: +49 (0) 761- 202 34 26
Fax: +49 (0) 761 202 34 27


Certificate of the Federal Association of German tour guides e.V.








Guided city tours in Freiburg, guided bicycle tours in the region, group events and company outings. Whether sportive or leisurely, Freiburg and the regional highlights of the border triangle are full of surprises. We offer individual coordination of routes, meeting points and attractive programmes.
We are covering Freiburg, the Black Forest, Kaiserstuhl, Rhine area, Margräflerland, Elsaß, Basel and the French as well as the Swiss Jura.

Freiburg, the sunny metropolis of the Black Forest, where spring is always faster than in other areas in Germany, has finally its own Marathon. Freiburg Aktiv will prepare you actively for the Marathon…